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I founded Hottemp Events in the Fresno & Clovis area. My journey first started as a vendor. In 2005, when vendor events were hard to find, I decided we needed more safe places to showcase our wares. I researched how to plan and execute the best popups that would help small businesses like my own thrive. What started as a small popup has evolved over the years into bigger and better opportunities.

Nathan is the webmaster for fresnoartsconnections.com.
Contact him for help if you want to add your artwork to this website.

Introducing the Organizer display section, where you can showcase your organization or event management team, including artists. Take advantage of this platform to exhibit your team's talent and expertise. Provide your business contact details, such as email, phone number, and website, to facilitate connections with interested individuals. Utilize this valuable opportunity to enhance your visibility, engage potential collaborators, and attract participants to your events. Make the most of this platform and unlock new possibilities for networking and success.

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