How this works.

If you want to promote your artwork, consider signing up with The website operates through four sections, each serving a specific purpose:

Artists: Showcase Your Work
Artists: Display Your Creative Talent and Event Location

• If you’re an artist, seize the opportunity to establish a captivating presence by creating a profile in the dedicated Artists section of our website.

• This space serves as a platform for you to showcase your artwork, share an engaging biography, artist statement, and provide your contact details, along with the location of your upcoming events. Don’t forget to include links to your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube profiles.

• By doing so, you enable potential visitors and event organizers to easily discover and connect with you, while also having access to information about your event locations.

Type of Event: ArtHop
The primary event featured on the website is ArtHop, which is a popular art gathering in Fresno.
Use this link to register.

Venue: Host Location for ArtHop
The Venue section is where you can list the location that hosts ArtHop.
Provide detailed information about your venue, such as its address, contact details, and any specific requirements for displaying artwork.

Organizers: Venue Managers
If you’re responsible for managing a venue that hosts ArtHop, you can register as an organizer.
Provide relevant details about your venue, its background, any specific guidelines for artists, and how artists can get in touch with you.

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